The World Is Not for Sale
Farmers Against Junk Food
by José Bové and François Dufour Translated by Anna de Casparis Foreword by Naomi Klein Preface by Gilles Luneau
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240 pages / October 2002 / 9781859844052

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July 2020 / 9781789608069

Recounts the dramatic events of their famous demonstration against McDonald’s and examines the issues behind the resulting campaign.

In this lively and hard-hitting book José Bové and François Dufour recount the dramatic events of their famous demonstration against McDonald’s and examine the issues behind the resulting campaign, which has now stretched from France and Seattle around the world.


“The peasant leader regarded as a hero in the battle to save France from fast food and free trade is bringing his revolt across the channel to protest against the 'perversion' of British agricultural policy.”

“Naomi Klein’s No Logo, Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, The Silent Takeover by Noreena Hertz and now Bove's book are the bibles of the anti-capitalist movement.”

“Today McDonald’s, tomorrow the world.”

“Critics frequently accuse the opponents of economic globalization of not presenting any alternative ... The World is Not for Sale couldn't prove them more wrong.”

“... a call to action, and a timely reminder of the principle: ‘Think globally, act locally.’”

“... an engaging account of two twentieth-century heroes who, in their fight for sustainable agriculture, have embraced the larger vision for a more just, healthy, and harmonic global community.”

“In tune with the movement for which it will become a core text.”

“A vivid testament to the extraordinary potential when local communities, heroic direct actionists and employees come together in creative alliances against corporate power.”

“It is refreshing to read informed argument by people who are both left wing and who, as working farmers, know what they are talking about.”

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