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56 pages / September 2006 / 9781844671182

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A luminous portrait of the Prophet, in the Islamic tradition.

Muhammad is a shimmering, lyrical biography of the Prophet, composed from the words of Muslims throughout the centuries. Drawing on a variety of Islamic sources, from the hadith, or sayings of Muhammad and his companions, to Abbasid and Persian texts, Weinberger weaves a subtle, mystical prose poem, spanning Muhammad's birth and childhood; his adolescence, miracles and marriages; to the isra and miraj, his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and ascent into heaven, with the angel Jibril (Gabriel) as his guide. The result is a vivid triptych that presents the final prophet of Islam with extraordinary clarity.

At a time when the Muslim world is being demonized in much of the media Muhammad provides a sense of the awe surrounding this historical and sacred figure.


“No neocon has opened his or her mouth without the poet Eliot Weinberger hearing it and never forgiving.”

“Eliot Weinberger is a master essayist, a furious thinker and an exceptionally elegant writer.”

“Like Joan Didion, Weinberger is a master of distilling massive amounts of information into a compelling takedown.”

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