The China Question
Toward Left Perspectives
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November 2022 / 9781804293010

Is there a “Left perspective” on the US-China rivalry?

The US-China conflict is no straightforward Great Power rivalry. Understanding it requires wrestling with its multiple dimensions and consequences, from geopolitics to economic interdependence, anti-Asian racism in the US and organizing amongst immigrant diasporas, social movements in China and the character of Chinese capitalism. This ebook groups together insights and perspectives that provide a critical analysis of Chinese capitalism and the movements it produces. In so doing, it provides the basis for developing a progressive, left position on American empire, China’s ascent, and the conflict between the two.

Contributors include activists and intellectuals committed to opposing capitalism and class society, racialized and gendered forms of domination, and the imperialist structure of the interstate system: Rebecca Karl, David Harvey, Ho-Fung Hung, Yige Dong, Eli Friedman, Kevin Lin, Ashley Smith, Dennis Kosuth, Abdullah Younus, Jake Werner, Tobita Chow, Cuizi Liu, Matt Huber, JS Chen, David Grophy, Wilfred Chan, Brian Hioe, and Zifeng Liu.

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