Beyond the Casino Economy
Planning for the 1990s
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314 pages / September 1989 / 9780860919674

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“The first real attempt in Britain to attack and criticise the Gadarene rush by most of the Left ... towards accepting the rules of economic and political debate established during the Thatcher era.”

“The best arguments for an alternative to market-based economics.”

“Without doubt the most important book on the economy to come from the Left for twenty years.”

“...the first exposition for ten years of what a classic left economic strategy might look like, a strategy that uses economic policy as a tool of political transformation ... a very impressive book.”

“A brilliant book ... which will go a long way towards building the confidence that there really is an alternative to the present injustice and decay.”

“Interesting analysis ... fiercely critical of the doctrines of economic liberalism.”

“Meticulously documented ... excellent analysis.”

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