The Left Alternative
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197 pages / October 2009 / 9781844673704
July 2020 / 9781789605082
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179 pages / March 2006 / 9781844670482

A manifesto that engages a vital question: where should the Left go from here?

Confronting the major debates in the world today—about national alternatives and alternative globalizations—Unger shows that there is a set of initiatives that we can begin to develop with the materials at hand. Fully updated with a new preface, The Left Alternative equips the Left with the ideas that it needs to overthrow the dictatorship of no alternatives.


“A good book to stir up leftists.”

“Roberto Mangabeira Unger's book may someday make possible a new national romance ... a hitherto undreamt-of national future.”

“A restless visionary.”

“A philosophical mind out of the Third World turning tables, to become a synoptist and seer of the First.”

“Brazil's answer to John Stuart Mill ... a political philosopher extraordinaire.”

“This book has influenced how I think and what I do. It sets out the principles for a future Left and crucially challenges us to think not just about how we spend revenues but how we might create them.”

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