Futures of Socialism
The Pandemic and the Post-Corbyn Era
Edited by Grace Blakeley
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272 pages / November 2020 / 9781839761331
November 2020 / 9781839761348

How should the left respond to electoral defeat, the leadership of Keir Starmer and a global crisis?

British politics is in an extraordinary place. Grace Blakeley introduces an indispensable collection of analysis and comment.

In Futures of Socialism, Sam Gindin and James Meadway reassess socialist strategy after the coronavirus; Dalia Gebrial and Siân Errington debate austerity and precarity; Joshua Virasami and Simukai Chigudu explore anti-racism and the legacy of Empire; and Leo Panitch and Momentum co-founder James Schneider probe the limits of parliamentary socialism. Chris Saltmarsh assesses the prospects for an eco-socialist Green New Deal and Cat Hobbs argues for the ongoing centrality of public ownership to socialist policy.

Futures of Socialism takes an in-depth look at the reasons for Labour’s 2019 election defeat, with Unite’s Andrew Murray on Labour’s Brexit position, Tom Mills on the British media, Gargi Bhattacharyya and Jeremy Gilbert on better ways to build a political project, and Keir Milburn on generation left. The anthology also compares the fortunes of the British left with socialist movements overseas, in despatches from Europe and America.

Blakeley draws on the talents of all sections of the post-Corbyn left to survey the prospects of “a movement that has dominated the horizons of our lives.”


“This collection, assembled by the formidable Grace Blakeley, mixes humility, urgency and scholarship to map a viable path forward for socialists in the UK and around the world.”

“A timely intervention, and an impressive collection … For the British left, Futures of Socialism provides a much-needed tonic in these ill times.”

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