Rosa Luxemburg
The Biography
by J.P. Nettl Introduction by Peter Hudis
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1056 pages / January 2019 / 9781788731676
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A classic book on the legacy of Rosa Luxemburg’s work with essays of political analysis by leading scholars

The inspirational power of Rosa Luxemburg (1871–1919) remains as important today as it was in her lifetime. An uncompromising, original thinker and revolutionary activist, Luxemburg’s efforts to develop an emancipatory version of Marxism through her involvement with Polish, Russian and German Social Democratic parties and then the Spartacist League ensured her position as an influential force, yet resulted in her brutal murder during the January 1919 uprising in Berlin.

J. P. Nettl’s biography was first published half a century ago and remains the most detailed and comprehensive study of Rosa Luxemburg to date. His extensive knowledge of the social and political context of the European socialist movements in which she was active, and his engagement with her voluminous writings in German, Polish, and Russian (many of which are only now being translated into English), brings to light the multidimensional nature of her life and work. This new edition will enable a new generation to explore Luxemburg’s political and activist work, as well as grasp the unique personality of this remarkable woman, theoretician and revolutionary.


“The definitive biography … the first plausible portrait of this extraordinary woman, drawn con amore, with tact and great delicacy. A splendid work.”

“A remarkable woman about whom J. P. Nettl has written a remarkable book.”

“In this time of crisis, it is urgent and a pleasure to study Rosa Luxemburg’s life and work. We are lucky to have John P. Nettl’s essential biography newly available.”

“Rosa Luxemburg’s life and work, brought fully to life in J.P. Nettl’s biography, reminds us that political acumen, human desire, revolution, and vividness of feeling are all related.”

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