US Labor in Trouble and Transition
The Failure of Reform from Above, the Promise of Revival from Below
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289 pages / September 2007 / 9781844671540
July 2020 / 9781789603361

The secrets of the labor movement’s collapse, and how it could revive itself.

US Labor in Trouble and Transition tells the story of union decline in America and of the split in the labor movement it led to, following the dismal tale of union mergers and management partnerships that accompanied the retreat from militancy since the 1980s. Looking to the future, Moody shows how the rise of immigrant labor and its efforts at self-organization can re-energize the unions from below. US Labor in Trouble and Transition is a major intervention in the ongoing debate within the US labor movement.


“In US Labor in Trouble and Transition Kim Moody has broken new ground, not only with regard to how unions in the US got into trouble, but also how they might get out of it. This book goes beneath the personalities at the center of the recent split in the AFL-CIO and the cliches that usually explain it in order to examine the roots of decline and crisis. He gives us a fresh look at the changing workforce and the new realities and potential of immigrant workers today. This book is a must for those who care about the future of organized workers in the US.”

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