The 51 Day War
Ruin and Resistance in Gaza
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Best-selling author reports on Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza in July 2014

Beginning July 8, 2014, Israel launched air strikes and a ground invasion of Gaza that lasted fifty-one days, leaving over 2,000 people dead, the vast majority of whom were civilians. During the assault, at least 10,000 homes were destroyed and, according to the United Nations, nearly 300,000 Palestinians were displaced.

Max Blumenthal was on the ground during what he argues was an entirely avoidable catastrophe. In this explosive work of reportage, Blumenthal reveals the harrowing conditions and cynical deceptions that led to the ruinous war. Here, for the first time, Blumenthal unearths and presents shocking evidence of atrocities he gathered in the rubble of Gaza.


“Max Blumenthal’s new book about this Israeli attack [is] so compelling, so necessary … It humanizes this event like nothing else I’ve read … The book is filled with very well-documented history, facts and statistics relevant to what the Israeli military calls Operation Protective Edge. And all of those are both interesting and important.”

“This will be the definitive history of the Israeli war of 2014 against Gaza. Blumenthal has once again demonstrated his devotion to truth and justice.”

“Max Blumenthal audaciously takes in-your-face, on-the-ground journalism into the realm of geopolitics.”

“To really understand what happened, read Max Blumenthal's The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza. His concision and clarity are established in the introduction”

“Max Blumenthal has spent the last decade transforming himself into one of the most vital voices in journalism today, always speaking truth to power with fearlessness and integrity. As with his previous books, The 51 Day War is sure to be talked about for years to come.”

“Explosive, pull-no-punches reporting that is certain to stir controversy.”

“A gripping eyewitness narrative of the latest pointless war in Gaza last year.”

“Tells a powerful story powerfully well.”

“The definitive account of the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza. Max combines the very best of humanistic, on-the-ground journalism with detailed documentation backing up every point he makes.”

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