Palestine Speaks
Narratives of Life Under Occupation
Edited by Mateo Hoke and Cate Malek
Part of the Voice of Witness series
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352 pages / / 9781784780500

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What is life really like in Gaza and the West Bank?

For more than six decades, the Israel–Palestine conflict has been one of the world’s most widely reported, yet least understood, human rights crises. Too often the everyday lives and voices of the people in Gaza and the West Bank are forgotten. In Palestine Speaks men and women living under the occupation describe in their own words how it has shaped their lives. This includes eyewitness accounts of the most recent attacks on Gaza in 2014.

Part of the highly acclaimed Voices of Witness oral history series, Palestine Speaks is essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand the Israel–Palestine crisis.


Palestine Speaks demonstrates that nothing is more eloquent than the voices of those who endure and try valiantly to survive. Nothing is more important for us than to listen to them carefully, to grasp their suffering, to learn from their testimonies about them and about ourselves, and to use this understanding to bring their tragedy to an end.”

Palestine Speaks – a collection of testimonials from Palestinians narrating their own experiences, their own suffering, is a rare and courageous book.”

“A stunning, essential, and heartbreaking book that puts a profoundly human face on the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

“In a time when history is told in cheap television re-enactments, if at all, and personal tragedy is gobbled up in rapidly digestible magazine photos and reality shows, this project goes against the grain.”

“Superb ... The voices of these ordinary individuals speak here with unsettling eloquence.”

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