Populism and the Mirror of Democracy
Part of the Phronesis series
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358 pages / July 2005 / 9781859844892

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July 2020 / 9781789602586
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358 pages / July 2005 / 9781859845233

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Definitive collection on populist politics.
Populism raises awkward questions about modern forms of democracy. It often represents the ugly face of the people. It is neither the highest form of democracy nor its enemy. It is, rather, a mirror in which democracy may contemplate itself, warts and all, in a discovery of itself and what it lacks. This definitive collection, edited by one of the worlds pre-eminent authorities on populism, Francisco Panizza, combines theoretical essays with a number of specially commissioned case studies on populist politics.


“A wide ranging and well-constructed re-evaluation of a vital but intractable category ... This volume helps to reinvigorate a long tradition of comparative political analysis that deserves to regain a more central place in mainstream political science.”

“Sheds new light on the surprising resurgence of populism in this era of globalization. With its penetrating analyses of populist discourse in a wide range of countries, the book is insightful and sophisticated. Recommended reading for all observers of contemporary politics!”

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