Tackling Rugby
What Every Parent Should Know
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220 pages / October 2014 / 9781781686027
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What parents should know about the sports their children play

On 29 January 2011, Benjamin Robinson was playing rugby for his school. During the match he sustained a concussion but was not taken off, and was allowed to continue with the game, in which he endured a second impact. When play ended, he collapsed, dying two days later as a result of his injuries.

Every week young children are hospitalized on the playing fields of Britain. Yet the subject is rarely investigated, injury data are not systematically collected, and as a result any real attempt to work out how to make youth rugby safer is flawed. Using meticulous, peer-reviewed research, leading public health specialist Allyson M. Pollock sets out the true risks associated with the sport, raising uncomfortable questions for politicians and the educational authorities.


“Allyson Pollock is one of the leading public health scientists of her generation … In this carefully researched book, she confronts us with a hard choice: continue with the unfettered romance of a ‘man’s’ game or adapt it to protect our young.”

“Horrifying and empowering, this is an instant classic and essential reading for every parent. Professor Pollock is utterly fearless.”

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