Marx and Freud in Latin America
Politics, Psychoanalysis, and Religion in Times of Terror
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336 pages / August 2012 / 9781844677559

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320 pages / August 2012 / 9781844678471
The turbulent continent through the eyes of Marx and Freud.

This book assesses the untimely relevance of Marx and Freud for Latin America, thinkers alien to the region who became an inspiration to its beleaguered activists, intellectuals, writers and artists during times of political and cultural oppression.

Bruno Bosteels presents ten case studies arguing that art and literature—the novel, poetry, theatre, film—more than any militant tract or theoretical essay, can give us a glimpse into Marxism and psychoanalysis, not so much as sciences of history or of the unconscious, respectively, but rather as two intricately related modes of understanding the formation of subjectivity.


“Positively inspiring.”

“Some of the stories he tells are familiar, but Bosteels has not written yet another history of orthodox Marxism and official psychoanalysis in Latin America. His considerable originality lies in his focus on intriguing and under-appreciated thinkers, often heretics within already heretical traditions.”

“...well written, and raises important theoretical and political discussions about this region and beyond. Its approach to valuable but neglected authors, and their being put into dialogue with other intellectuals and discussions – classic as well as contemporary – is a significant contribution for a matter whose clarification is urgent for critical theory as much as for activism, and not only in Latin America.”

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