One Million Signatures (and More) To Turn America Around


Dissent magazine featured an op-ed about the Wiscosin voter recall written by Paul & Mari Jo Buhle, editors of It Started in Wisconsin, an anthology of first-hand accounts of the largest pro-labor mass mobilization in modern American history.

The scene on January 17 in Monona Terrace—a community center realized on Frank Lloyd Wright’s blueprint—was not quite pandemonium. Actually, the several thousand Wisconsonites representing all seventy-two counties in the state, coming to Madison on a snowy day to deliver their boxes of petitions, were orderly, considering the occasion. They were celebrating the impressively successful outcome of a campaign to recall the state’s GOP governor, Scott Walker, which resulted in more than one million signatures. The crowd occasionally booed the governor, who was in New York City raising money at an event hosted by the former CEO of AIG for the campaign now forced on him. Mostly, they cheered one another and the speakers on stage.

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