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Latin America has been something of a beacon for the left for a generation, yet realist analysis warns against complacency. As Lula returns to the Planalto, thanks to a concertación with the centre right, André Singer reckons up the class forces on each side of the electoral divide and the challenges a third Workers’ Party government will face.

Also in NLR 139 

Perry Anderson registers the losses of two major writers, Tom Nairn and Mike Davis; Bryan Palmer explores the biographical, political and intellectual experiences that shaped City of QuartzLate Victorian Holocausts and Planet of SlumsCecilia Rikap examines the power relations of digital monopoly capitalism; Erika Balsom discusses the thinking behind a major international exhibition of feminist filmmaking; and Matt Karp replies to Dylan Riley and Robert Brenner’s ‘Seven Theses on American Politics’ (NLR 138).

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