New Left Review 137, out now


In the Latest Issue

A new NLR editorial Susan Watkins argues that the war for Ukraine can be read as the collision of five different types of conflict, whose interlocking has produced a dangerous escalatory dynamic.

Also in NLR 137

Göran Therborn provides a global survey of the new lefts that have arisen since the turn of the millennium to confront a century of rising inequalities, geopolitical tension and climate crisis. Frigga Haug reflects on the relations between teaching and learning. Forrest Hylton and Aaron Tauss discuss the historical significance of Gustavo Petro’s victory in Colombia and assess the problems that lie ahead. Edward King reads Conrad’s Nostromo as a pessimistic mutation in the genre of the historical novel in the age of high imperialism. Plus book reviews: Anahid Nersessian on Daisy Hay’s life of the radical 1790s bookseller Joseph Johnson and Saul Nelson on T. J. Clark’s meditations on Cézanne.