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Until January 31st (23:59 EST) we have 70% off the following books (print editions only, excludes ebooks - however we do bundle the ebook for free with every print purchase!):

Is the fall of ISIS the end of the perpetual war in the Middle East?

A magisterial, riveting movement history of Los Angeles in the Sixties.

The problem is not overpolicing, it is policing itself.

A tartly hilarious and deeply affecting new novel from the best-selling author of Will and Testament.

How should the left respond to electoral defeat, the leadership of Keir Starmer and a global crisis?

One of the most acclaimed essayists writing today on the political hysteria plaguing the West.

Classic study of Marx by Japan’s leading critical theorist.

What just happened and how did we get into this mess?

An anthology of long-read book reviews by one of the European left’s foremost political economists.

Following his best-selling A Philosophy of Walking Gros explores the philosophy of disobedience.

Why every worker should join a trade union.

American history told from the vantage of immigration politics.

A history of the IDF that argues that Israel is a nation formed by its army.

How antifascism is as American as apple pie. AVAILABLE NOW AS A FREE EBOOK (SELECT EBOOK TAB ABOVE).

A first-hand account of the complex, bloody history of Myanmar and the origins of the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas.

How London was bought and sold by the Super-Rich, and what it means for the rest of us.

A deeply affecting–and infuriating–portrait of the life and death of a courageous indigenous leader.

Mapping the class divisions that run throughout Europe.

A shocking exposé of genocide denial in the aftermath of Rwanda 1994.

A searing indictment of modern sexual politics.

The first comprehensive, in-depth book on the Trump administration’s assault on asylum protections.

A dramatic re-evaluation of the founding of the United States and the history of capitalism.

The most comprehensive collection of feminist manifestos, chronicling our rage and dreams from the nineteenth century to today.

The prophetic poetry of slavery and its abolition.

The rise of international jihad and Western ultra-nationalism.

The bestselling study of Jewish history.

The definitive account of the disappearance of forty-three Mexican students.

A history of the UK’s regional inequalities, and why they matter.

An urgent challenge to the prevailing moral order from one of the freshest, most compelling voices in radical politics today.

Gripping behind-the-scenes story of Edward Snowden’s massive leak of US secret surveillance.

A brilliant probe into the political and psychological effects of our changing relationship with social media.

“As compassionate as it is trenchant, this rare fiction is an illuminating guide through the great disorder of our times.” —Pankaj Mishra

The first intellectual biography of the life and work of John Berger.

What if there was another Moses, very different from the one we know?

How all great powers decline—including the United States.

A concise account of how revolutions made modern China and helped shape the modern world.

How the West’s obsession with Vladimir Putin prevents it from understanding Russia.

A fascinating portrait of life with the Black Panthers in Algiers: a story of liberation and radical politics.