Petition: Keep Rosa Luxemburg’s Birthplace Plaque in Zamość!

“It is in this house in 1871 that Rosa Luxemburg was born. She was prominent in the international labour movement. Zamosc, 1979.” via Rosaluxemburgblog.

Via transform! Europe

We the undersigned protest against the removal of a plaque commemorating the birthplace of Rosa Luxemburg in the Polish city of Zamość. We demand that the local government authorities in Zamość return the plaque to its rightful place.

Rosa Luxemburg is a renowned historical figure of the international left. She was a believer in socialism, democracy and internationalism. Luxemburg was imprisoned on numerous occasions throughout her life and in 1919 was tragically killed by the Freikorps troops in Berlin.

She was also an important and original left-wing thinker and writer, whose work continues to have a lasting influence around the world. We believe that the removal of this plaque is unjustified and is another example of how history is being ideologically distorted by the authorities in Poland

Her memory and legacy should be preserved in the place of her birth. Rosa Luxemburg has an indisputable place in world history as well as in the history of the city of Zamość!

This petition has jointly been created by transform!'s member organisation Fundacja Naprzód (Forward Foundation) and the Red, and Red and Black History Campaign. Action supported by: The Social Forum Discussion Club

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