Video: Jodi Dean — The Ideal of Democracy and Revolutionary Socialism


The launch of Socialist Register 2018: Rethinking Democracy took place on February 15 at Toronto's Lulu Lounge. SR contributors past and present, including Jodi Dean, Dennis Pilon, and Ian McKay discussed their articles and the themes of the issue in a conversation chaired by editors Greg Albo and Leo Panitch. 

The antagonism between liberalism and democratic processes is increasingly visible amidst the contradictions of capitalist globalization today. This is seen in authoritarian measures being adopted by so many states, as well as in concepts like post-democracy gaining currency in theoretical and political debate. The 2018 volume of the Socialist Register on Rethinking Democracy was conceived as a companion volume to the 2017 volume on Rethinking Revolution. No revival of socialist politics in the twenty-first century can occur apart from founding radical new democratic institutions and practices.

Below watch a video of Jodi Dean's presentation, in which she asks "whether democracy can name a division adequate to a revolutionary anti-capitalist politics."