Free Ebook - The Anti-Inauguration: Building Resistance in the Trump Era


As movements to resist and defeat the Trump administration continue to grow, we present The Anti-Inauguration, a free ebook available to download now, featuring an initial discussion of what opposition should look like in the age of Trump — and what kind of future we should be fighting for. It includes contributions from Naomi Klein, Owen JonesKeeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Jeremy Scahill, and Anand Gopal.

The five essential speeches presented here are taken from “The Anti-Inauguration,” held on inauguration night 2017 at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC. The Anti-Inauguration event and ebook are joint projects of Jacobin, Haymarket Books and Verso Books. 

The full video of the Anti-Inauguration event can be viewed here

The free ebook can be downloaded here

Be sure to also check out Verso's Fuck Trump Reading List, and all the coverage and analysis of the new administation published on the blog thus far. 

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