Audio of the Symposium on the work of Ellen Meiksins Wood

On November 4th 2015, Verso Books, Birkbeck Politics Department, the Sussex PM group co-hosted a symposium to celebrate the work of the great historian and political thinker, Ellen Meiksins Wood. The symposium featured many long-time collaborators of Ellen's as well as those influenced by her work.

Ellen's work was driven by a commitment to the idea that, as she states in Democracy Against Capitalism, “socialism can come only through the self-emancipation of the working class … socialism will come about either in this way or not at all.” It was through this commitment to working-class self-emancipation that her distinctive, lucid and massively influential work was formed.

The symposium featured discussions on the wide range of Ellen's work, from Ancient democracy, and to the transition from Feudalism to Capitalism, to contemporary Marxist theory and capitalist legal theory. The contributions come from 
Robert BrennerDavid McNallyBenno Teschke, Maia Pal, Samuel Knafo and Charles Post.

The full audio of the symposium has now been made available via the Bloomsbury Media Cloud website.

Alex Colas
Robert Brenner on Ellen's life and thought


History/Historiography/Historical Materialism:
Benno Teschke
Robert Brenner
Maia Pal


Politics + the State:
Samuel Knafo
Charlie Post
David McNally