Salvage, the brand new magazine project for the Left, is looking for funding!


Salvage is a new magazine project that has been founded by a bunch of London based leftys. They're currently seeking help with funding and you can get all sorts of exciting perks by donating. Check out the contents of the first issue and find out how to help below.

The crisis of capitalism has been a crisis of its opposition. We stand in the rubble of the post-Left. The implosion has brought no victors but the predators...

With the financial crisis of 2008, it appeared to many that the neoliberal project would finally be laid to rest. The early signs - from Iceland to Greece, the Arab uprisings to Occupy - pointed to a renewed and reinvigorated left with the potential to break free from the ossified dogmas of the past and challenge the economic and political orthodoxy. Yet, seven years later and the neoliberal corpse staggers on while the Left, notwithstanding a few real glimmers of embattled hope, such as Syriza's victory, lurches from one catastrophe to the next

Salvage Magazine is a new quarterly magazine of politics, art, culture and polemic aimed to debris neoliberalism. Founded in 2014 by editors Rosie Warren - Verso's Assistant Editor - and Jamie Allinson, Art Editor China Miéville, and Contributing Editors Richard Seymour, Charlotte Bence and Magpie Corvid, Salvage has drawn inspiration from the rise of intellectually, politically and culturally engaged publications on both sides of the Atlantic in the past decade, including Jacobin, New Left Review, Strike, n+1, New Inquiry and The White Review. Intellectual and committed without being academic, dogmatic or philistine - and believing that serious content deserves the best design - its aim is to engage with the most pressing political and cultural questions of the day while advancing engagement and discussion on the left

Stridently internationalist and fearlessly political, Salvage issue 1 will feature a range of new and established writers, poets, activists and artists. It will include essays from some of the biggest names on the left: Magpie Corvid whores Marxism; Joana Ramiro reports from Greece; Jamie Allinson accelerates; Benjamin Kunkel defends the money-form; Rosie Warren objectifies women; China Miéville waxes Dystopian; Richard Seymour dissects Farrageism; Trish Kahle damns Missouri; Pablo Mukherjee submerges Modi; Alberto Toscano translates the forgotten genius of Salvage-Marxism; Kunle Wizeman is interviewed about the Nigerian political scene; Neil Davidson uncovers the Neoliberal gravediggers of capital; Morgan Merteuil builds the industrial struggle; Gareth Brown and Nicholas Beuret walk with the dead; Mark Bould roasts Milton Friedman; Mary Robertson rehouses Engels; and Daniel Hartley communizes the Anthropocene.

With the poetry of:
Caitlin Doherty
Kunle Wizeman

With the artwork of:
Season Butler
Karen Mirza
Laura Oldfield Ford

With future projects by:
Jordan/a Rosenberg, Rob Knox, Charlotte Bence and many more.

To check out the fundraising options visit the Salvage Indiegogo pape here.
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