Your best Hegel memes!


Thanks to everyone who made us laugh last week with the many brilliant Hegel memes that were posted on twitter and facebook!

It was a tough job but we've chosen our favourite 10, and the winners will recieve a copy of Slavoj Žižek' Absolute Recoil and Fredric Jameson's The Hegel VariationsThe original competition details are here.

1) @sonderino:

We also liked The Dance of the Dialectic!

2) @1755Dictionary:

3) @francis_russell:

4) @nebehrgudahtt:

5) @cunningevan:
Animated gif - see it move here!

Animated gif - see it more here!

7) @Kiebner

8) @StevoJunor:

9) @paranormalxrist:

10) Thomas Bonde (facebook)

If you're a winner please email jennifer[at]verso[dot]co[dot]uk with your full name and postal address.