"Bold, powerful... a masterpiece" Peter Oborne reviews Ruling the Void

Writing in his regular column for the Daily Telegraph, veteran political journalist praises Ruling the Void, Peter Mair's landmark study of the failings of Western democracy. Recalling the influence of Mair's earlier essay, “The Emergence of a Cartel Party” (written with Richard Katz), on his own work, he describes the essay as "so original, perfectly crafted, accurate and true that you can’t get it out of your head. You have to read or look at it many times to place it in context and understand what it means."

Mair's new work "is every bit as brilliant as the earlier essay", says Oborne, "a posthumous masterpiece".

"He has written what is by far and away the most powerful, learned and persuasive anti-EU treatise I have come across. It proves that it is impossible to be a democrat and support the continued existence of the European Union." 

Visit the Daily Telegraph to read Oborne's article in full.

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